World Music Extravaganza

Darren Sangita is delighted to be invited to DJ at this incredible event in Camden on Saturday 3rd May, 2014. Featuring a pan global line up of international musicians to resonate the planetary vibrations of love. Join us for a night of musical magic at the World Music Extravaganza.World Music Extravaganza - Sangita Sounds

World Music Extravaganza - - Flyer Sangita Sounds

Global Beats Festival and Little Blue Ball present:

A night of uplifting music from around the globe, celebrating the cultural diversity of London’s international music scene, with live performances from:

Planetman & The Internationalz (Israel/Yemen/Jamaica)
Baba Adesose Wallace (Nigeria)
Mosi Conde (Guinea)
Jose Hernando Arias (Colombia)
and eclectic world beats from DJ Darren Sangita (UK)

About the artists:

Planetman & The Internationalz 

Planetman is a singer, guitarist and song-writer who was born in Israel to a Yemeni family and moved to the UK in the 90′s after stints in New York and Amsterdam. He sees himself as part of a new breed of british artists who weren’t born in the UK yet represent the multi-cultural hub that is London.

“…Global Beats curator Planetman, whose band The Internationalz blend highlife guitars and reggae with earnest folk and brightly soulful vocals. The sounds are varied yet simply catchy; the spirit is infectiously upbeat.” Metro.


Baba Adesose Wallace 

Nigerian master drummer and singer busts out his funky Afrobeat rhythms whilst exploring some more traditional West African sounds. Wallace is a veteran of the UK’s world music scene, having played at the first WOMAD, and his staying power is a testament to just how good he is. A living legend!

Mosi Conde 

Immensely skilled and talented Kora player and singer, Mosi Conde is from Guinea’s leading Griot family whose members are key to most of West Africa’s vital traditional and contemporary music scene.
“Utterly mesmerising and spellbinding, totally infectious! Truly great music” Rainlore’s World of Music


Jose Hernando Arias 

José Hernando Arias is a 21 year old self-taught virtuoso accordion player, born in London, but of Colombian descent, who plays Vallenato and Cumbia. In 2011 he won the apprenticeship program promoted by the BBC World Routes Academy and featured in the BBC proms in 2012.


DJ Darren Sangita -

Darren Sangita has been involved for the past 20 years in the alternative music, international arts and the underground Psytrance scene, with a deep love for Spiritual Electronica, Psychedelic Ambient Trance, Devotional, Classical and Folk music of the world.


WHEN : Saturday 3rd May 2014
TIME: 7pm – 1.30am
WHERE: The Forge, 3-7 Delancey St, Camden, London NW1 7NL
TAX: £8 advance, £12 door


Facebook Event :

Post World Industries

Open up to another view on global archetypes and the interfusion music perspectives with the Post World Industries label.

Post World Industries trades in outernational bass music, insurrectionary politics & street rhythms. We produce and distribute media against monoculture.

Filastine’s Burn It is one of those rare debut albums that reveal an artist operating at the height of their powers. A Hip-Hop backbone supports live polyriddims, collaborating musicians, lush electronica, field-recordings, and an array of read more »

Wåveshåper – Empty Path

Deep in the Himalayan mountain range, a mystic sadhu opens his third ear and listens to the universal sound of om echoing through the cosmos.  Flowing down the ancient rivers and drifting slowly across the sands of time in a caranvanaseri, finally reaching the oasis as the sunsets.

All night Lila dances into trance as dervish songs resound and desert drums arrive to enchant the  bedouins as an all night trance unfolds in the moonlight as ancient sand creatures emerge from the desert sands, mechanistic,, insectoid filaments of geometric  structures weave patterns of chaos and fractal order out of the fabric of reality.

Hyperdigital frequencies that emerge from the rays of the morning sun, glistening in hyperspace like a shimmering holographic universe.  Deep in the cavernous halls of the subterranean kingdom of dubstep a new organic life form demonstrates the spiral matrix of consciousness that resides in terrestrial space from crust to core. Alien technologies channel the subterranean synaptic impulses….
Waveshaper - Empty Path
Heres a quote from the official Press Release:
Artist : Waveshaper Title : Empty Path Cat. No. : u000 Release Date : 19.1.14 Format : Digital Download
These precision tools of conscious metamorphic alchemy presented by waveshaper allow the 3 points of focus to align with the sonic structure in the field of hemispheric convergence. When the 3 points of focus are fully attuned then the frequency of the mind transforms into a state of emptiness. Greg Hunter and Hataken entered into a metatronic pyramid in Japan to open an active transmutative connection with the realms of the non-dualisic dimension of ku (emptiness)



Resonators are a sweet soul force to be reckoned with.  Both live and on their recordings they display ample ability to hold an awesome roots reggae sound down and deliver heartfelt tunes for the millenium generation.  Check out their sound, buy some music and support the artists.  Their latest release “Surrender” on Wah Wah 45′s is a mighty poetry in music, like a mystic moonlit walk in the rose garden of herbal delights with the beloved, enchanting and captivating in its beauty. Could be their best release yet, proving that this story has only just begun.  Lets hope we see them at some great festivals this summer!


One of the most powerful dub bands in the UK, taking all the influences of original Jamaican sounds and riddims, and bringing it forward into the sounds of here and now.

Fronted by two soulful and innovative female vocalists (Faye Houston and Kassia Zermon), this 8-piece troupe generate a sound which is equally strong and sweet, conscious and fun.

Resonators musicians have played support to acclaimed reggae artists including The WailersHorace Andy, and Lee Perry and gained a strong following across the national festival and live circuit with their original, positive sounds and deepest dub.




‘Wåveshåper - 空 Empty Path’ by mutantra on ? via @darrensangita