Where to buy ice shaver

Where to buy ice shaver

Basically, Ice shaver is the combination of electric motor unit, ice shaver base, stainless steel blade and ice mold. The working of ice shaver is very simple and easy to understand, the ice is inserted in the machine, which will direct the ice towards the electric motor, the stainless-steel blade attached with the motor will shave the ice, then the shaved ice will be collected in the ice shaver base.Where to buy ice shaver

Safety Instructions

The machine should not be operated if the plug and cord is damaged, these may cause electric shocks to the customer. In such cases the customer must return the product or repair or replace the cord of the appliance for safety measures.

The motor should not be disassembled and the machine should be serviced by a technical person only.

The appliance should not be handled by children.

To reduce shock threats, avoid the use of machine near water or any liquid material.

Avoid the places where the motor can fall or can be pulled into sink or tub.

Do not bring any moving part, hairs or cloths near the machine while in operation.

Operation precautions

Do not put finger near the blade. This may cause serious injuries.

Avoid use of any foreign object in the machine, objects such as metal pieces, small rocks or pebbles.

The machines should not be used by children or near children, to avoid injuries.

There are many E- commerce websites for buying ice shaver, the following are the names of some websites where we can find ice shaver machines.




These products are also available in the local market.

The ice shaver can be used for multiple purposes like making juices, smoothies,tea, coffee, beverage, slurpes, frozen cocktails, iced coffee, frappes.

There are many types of Ice shavers

Home use, industrial use, portable. Electric, manually operated.

Ice shaver is very commonly used at shaved ice shops, ice cream shops, juice and smoothies’ stores. In some parts of the country the ice shaver is used at homes for making mocktails and cocktails for parties.

The stainless steel is highly durable and sharp, the blade is rust free, the body is mostly made out of high-quality plastic. The operation is not so difficult, only few buttons and you are ready with shaved ice.

After shaving the ice just place it in the bucket and add the topping of various flavors and you are ready to go.

For home use it provides you the ability to try new flavors and taste.

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The use of ice shaver is easy, simple. the machine provides the chance to the customer for trying new taste and flavors. the product comes with a warranty period which is provided by the manufacturer, now a days the ice shaver has become a part on the modern kitchen.