The Irresistible Force – Kira Kira (Review)

25 years ago in 1992 (during the cosmic comedown from the Second Summer of Love in 1988), Mixmaster Morris released his debut artist album “Flying High” on Rising High recordswhich was a seminal London based electronic music label that featured a stunning array of contemporary, post-rave electronic artists.  “Flying High” was a classic album that still resounds in perfect symphony today. It was a new dawn of electronic ambient music, featuring beatless ambience that opened up vistas of pulsing and swirling soundscapes for the enchanted ear. When the majority electronic albums of the time were full of 808 and 909 drum beats, it was a bold step to release an album that didn’t feature the regulation “ooomph-tsssss” of most techno albums.

This week, almost 20 years since his fantastic 3rd album “It’s Tommorow Already” released on Ninja Tune he releases his 4th album, “KIRA KIRA” on Liquid Sound Design which is an ambient label that was established when Darren Sangita worked with Youth at the legendary Butterfly Studios and was designed to offer a softer side of psychedelic trance as a compliment to the then thriving Goa Trance label, Dragonfly Records.

Kira Kira is a fitting follow up to the classic triptych of Irresistible Force albums previously released, with shimmering arpeggios of Japanese or Balinese influenced instruments flowing into sonic whirlpools of sparkling, ripples of musical delight.  The album is a journey through the vast eclectic sounds and styles that have influenced Morris over the years, combining them into a new synthesis of archetypical chillout, broken beats, jazzadelic samples effortlessly rolling over multi-timbral, textured kaleidoscopic ambience.  The album also feature such luminaries as Jah Wobble on Bass providing his inimitible dub influenced grooves and Nik Turner (Hawkwind) laying down some psySax on balaeric influenced tracks.

Anyone who has enjoyed The Irresistible Force’s previous albums will no doubt fall in love with this latest chapter in the sonic story, as will anyone who has enjoyed Mixmaster Morris’ epic DJ sets.  Not to be missed, treat yourself to a fantastical musical voyage and buy a copy today !


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