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Geoflexion : Drones are Tones & DIN is Noise

Geoflexion : Drones are Tones- Noodreem

Everything we read or see or hear about current world political situation is not new. Nothing in that sphere is new. These atrocities that we are faced with each day in multimedia reality are timeless and human beings have harassed, oppressed and brutally manipulated one another for centuries in the name of Gods, Kings and Nations. Nothing about Human capacity for “evil” is new. What IS new is our EXPoSURE to it and in particular, the group EMPATHY that we are collectively experiencing through modern formats such as here on the Interwebs. It seems that it’s all part of a collective awakening, and that collectively we shall also make greater decisions on our personal and social realities. As our consciousness expands to assimilate the new waves of information it seems as though we shall shift to a new level of human compassion and awareness that will ultimately inform and guide our human condition. Let us welcome these changes, this growth as it is necessary for the Re:Evolution of human capacity to live in Harmony with our Mother Earth and our Global Family.

On a personal “note” .. As a music lover I have been suffering from the references to “Drones” as military weaponry for the remote control killing of the (inevitably) dark skinned innocent children and mothers in far off lands. Misguided, Inexcusable hatred and murder being flouted as the solution to humanity’s problems through the application of this degraded technology. If language creates reality, then I am appalled that these remote control murder missiles misappropriate the name “Drones” as for most of my life, a drone was a wonderful musical technique employed by many eastern traditions in music. Drone is a continuum of tonal sound that creates a “backdrop” of harmonic vibration, in which a lead melodic instrument can display it’s musical magic.

In Indian music for example, an instrument such as Tambura or Tanpura is used to create a drone with it’s four fixed pitch resonant strings. A drone is a mystical element, that allows the transcendental frequencies to be accessed through the repetition and endlessness of its tones. With tanpura specifically, the strings have a buzzing quality which open up higher realms of auditory frequency which can allow us to access non ordinary states of reality and in that space we can attain a meditative like trance in which to know a Higher Peace.

DIN is Noise - Sangita Sounds Collage1

So in the spirit of transformation, of dancing with reality to make it the beautiful one that we have envisioned, sharing news of a software scientific synthesiser, which is the first example of re-appropriation of the word and concept of Drone Technology for Peace and the greater good of humankind!  Take a look at the official website for the software and check out the video below for a live demonstration of the Drone technology at play within DIN is Noise.


DIN is Noise - rose_5_9

Jagannathan Sampath aka Jag Bot aka Jagernot, has incorporated not only Drone technology for audio awakening but also new Sonic Missile concepts for the revitalisation of esoteric conceptual sound service. Hats off to to this Indian sonic pioneer, giving thanks to him for bringing drones back to the light in the post-future neodelic society we currently live in.

The software creator has recently released several binaural audio collections, including this Planetary Binaural Album :-

Binaural drones placed on frequencies derived from the orbital period of the planets around the Sun.

Binaural drones come in pairs. 1 drone goes into your left ear. The other goes into the right ear. The pitch between the drones of a pair differs by a small amount that your brain transforms into beats . Prolonged listening may cause an altered state of consciousness. But you must listen on headphones. Try removing 1 headphone and then put it back to hear the difference!

Since Pluto is no longer a planet, its offered as a bonus track 🙂

DIN is Noise - Sangita Collage3

As it states on the DIN is Noise website:-

If Moog and Buchla are two synths,
DIN is a synth of a 3rd kind.

It forgets history,
To not repeat it.

It doesnt hide analog music hardware,
In digital music software.

You had pulse, sine, triangle and sawtooth,
And went forth and made electronic music.

Now there is just the Bezier curve.
Go make your pulse, sine, triangle and sawtooths.
Or this, this, this and this.

This is nothing new.
Some old men did it in the 60s!
Punched numbers into cards.

Now you edit waveforms with a GUI,
And watch the sound change before your very ears.

Has it got ADSR?

No because Add not Subtract.

Bezier on Carrier and Modulator.
Eat that Chowning.

And infinite microtones between any two tones.