Temple of Stars

The inimitible Greg Hunter (Dubsahara, Alien Soap Opera) set sail with Darren Sangita (Noodreem, Ashirvad) for a tryptamine fuelled sojourn thru the astral galaxies of musical magic.  Upon their discovery of new sound worlds, sparkly  universal resonances made manifest in unity of spectral hues.  With their aural kaleidoscopic views on life itself they were blessed with the Grace of the Gods and invested with the sonic alchemical mirrors of holographic delight.

Here we are proud to share their view of the “Temple of Stars” (Omega.v1 mixes).

Taking electroacoustic music to a new level of sophistication, this ethereal delight is already something of a connoisseurs classic on the Global ambient electronica scene, having been toured around Europe in previous seasons.  This is the Omega.v1 version of the album which may yet see another incarnation as the hyperspational mapping capabilities of this production team could yet be upgraded once we enter the Photon Belt.  Each piece on this modern hyperspace-age recording tells an epic tale. There are no set-to-repeat digital diamporhisms here, this is pure geometric isomorphism incontrovertibly elucidating on the nature of existence.

The Crest of the Digital Wave

The ocean of creation metasynthesised into the hyperreal aesthetica that we share and breathe. Surfing the light of crystalline consciousness and dancing in molecular recreation. Exploring the dimensions of metaprogramming and superconsiousness.
Rationalising the unrationalisable.

Online Store : www.spectralite.bandcamp.com

Sangita Sounds : www.sangitasounds.com/producer/spectralite/