Pixi App by Coldcut

Matt Black & Coldcut are pioneers in the Audio Visual Art world, with AV software development reaching right back to the 90’s with interactive soundtoys and AV tools, including My Little Funkit, Playtime, VJamm and most recently, the mind bending NINJA JAMM (free download) and now the innovative and original Granular Video Synthesizer called Pixi.  Coldcut have released the app free as a companion to the recent Bogus Order release on Ninja Tune so you can enjoy the generative art experience and interact while listening to the new album on Ahead of Our Time which Darren Sangita was involved with in the conceptual stages of the platforms development.

Get the free app HERE  (iOS App Store)


Check out the Official Release Page for Bogus Order – Zen Brakes 2 on Ninja Tune

Get the App HERE  (iOS APP STORE)

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