Bindoo Babas

Welcome to the Garden of Love,

where every step is a dance and every word a song where love flows free forever and everybody gets along. Bindoo Babas is a collective headed by Pranaji and Mathura Das, who have been friends since 1978 when they met in Amsterdam and lived in a spiritual community. Following the ancient Bhakti Yogi traditions of India.

The Garden Of Love

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Who are the Bindoo Babas?

Mathura has spent years travelling in india and submerging himself in the Indian cultures of music and art.  Prana has been a songwriter, busker, entertainer, travelling troubador in Europe and India for the last 25 years.  After many years on the same path in different locations, they were reunited on the banks on the Ganges at the sacred birthplace of Sri Chaitanyan Mahaprabhu at Mayapur, West Bengal.What we are trying to do is take all the inspiration from years in the Bhakti tradition, and synthesise and express the knowledge, wisdom and spiritual depth, in various forms of music.For years we could be found singing and playing by campfires from Glastonbury to Goa and other chill-out spaces at festivals and parties around the the UK and India. Finally we have made it to the world wide web via Sangita Studio.

Due to the many many friends and lovely connections that that have aided and abetted us in othe realisation of playing our part in the divine plan, we are now in the position to be able to offer our friends and supporters, known and unknown, a quality musical offering in the form of a CD.
Our beloved friend, the late, great James Style, one of our first true believers and benefactors, encouraged, directed ,connected and supported our vision. He was the main catalyst in the development of these recordings.

To James, in whose honour and memory we dedicate these recordings.

James sowed the seed, that has developed into these sweet fruits, by introducing us to Darren at Sangita Studio in Brixton in 2001. We developed a musical synergy that has borne fruit in one of the tracks on the e.p, “The ripening”. We are blessed with the fruit of James’ labour, and are left a sweet reminder as we are deeply saddened by his passing.
It’s a love thing…
We also give thanks to James Paice who gave his time and talent to our first recordings. Without him we would not have so much recorded material to share. Many thanks to the whole Paice family. This represents the first offering of our recorded work, there are many more beautiful songs to come as time unfolds.
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