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The Irresistible Force – Kira Kira (Review)

25 years ago in 1992 (during the cosmic comedown from the Second Summer of Love in 1988), Mixmaster Morris released his debut artist album “Flying High” on Rising High recordswhich was a seminal London based electronic music label that featured a stunning array of contemporary, post-rave electronic artists.  “Flying High” was a classic album that still resounds in perfect symphony today. It was a new dawn of electronic ambient music, featuring beatless ambience that opened up vistas of pulsing and swirling soundscapes for the enchanted ear. When the majority electronic albums of the time were full of 808 and 909 drum beats, it was a bold step to release an album that didn’t feature the regulation “ooomph-tsssss” of most techno albums.

This week, almost 20 years since his fantastic 3rd album “It’s Tommorow Already” released on Ninja Tune he releases his 4th album, “KIRA KIRA” on Liquid Sound Design which is an ambient label that was established when Darren Sangita worked with Youth at the legendary Butterfly Studios and was designed to offer a softer side of psychedelic trance as a compliment to the then thriving Goa Trance label, Dragonfly Records.

Kira Kira is a fitting follow up to the classic triptych of Irresistible Force albums previously released, with shimmering arpeggios of Japanese or Balinese influenced instruments flowing into sonic whirlpools of sparkling, ripples of musical delight.  The album is a journey through the vast eclectic sounds and styles that have influenced Morris over the years, combining them into a new synthesis of archetypical chillout, broken beats, jazzadelic samples effortlessly rolling over multi-timbral, textured kaleidoscopic ambience.  The album also feature such luminaries as Jah Wobble on Bass providing his inimitible dub influenced grooves and Nik Turner (Hawkwind) laying down some psySax on balaeric influenced tracks.

Anyone who has enjoyed The Irresistible Force’s previous albums will no doubt fall in love with this latest chapter in the sonic story, as will anyone who has enjoyed Mixmaster Morris’ epic DJ sets.  Not to be missed, treat yourself to a fantastical musical voyage and buy a copy today !


Greg Hunter (aka Dubsahara)

Greg Hunter

The inimitable Greg Hunter has a long a colourful history in music engineering, production and composition.  Some of his best known credits include work with Paul McCartney, Youth and the early Orb albums.  But it is his fantastic catalogue of incredible works as a producer and musician that have enthralled his fanbase for years.

From creation of the seminal ambient dub of 1995’s Subsurfing album to the legendary ethnodelic classic fusion albums, Lotus Blossom and Second Wave, Sout el Leil and Fifth Sun; Greg has proven himself to be a pioneer of contemporary electronica, always sailing close to the edge of the limits of perceived sound, crafting his ethnodelic music by working with classical and Indigenous musicians around the world and creating a masterful blend with the combination of modern technology and sound production techniques.

On solo projects he has worked under a variety of monikers such as Dubsahara, Mutantra, Jagatah. And his collaberative projects include Spectralite (recorded at Sangita Studio with Darren Sangita) and Waveshaper (with Hataken).

Waveshaper are on the Mutantra label (which Darren Sangita created the logo & logotype for) and they are now on their 3rd release.  Be sure to check out the Waveshaper releases :

Enjoy a selection of sounds from his various projects and purchase something from his online stores at :


Wåveshåper – Empty Path

Deep in the Himalayan mountain range, a mystic sadhu opens his third ear and listens to the universal sound of om echoing through the cosmos.  Flowing down the ancient rivers and drifting slowly across the sands of time in a caranvanaseri, finally reaching the oasis as the sunsets.

All night Lila dances into trance as dervish songs resound and desert drums arrive to enchant the  bedouins as an all night trance unfolds in the moonlight as ancient sand creatures emerge from the desert sands, mechanistic,, insectoid filaments of geometric  structures weave patterns of chaos and fractal order out of the fabric of reality.

Hyperdigital frequencies that emerge from the rays of the morning sun, glistening in hyperspace like a shimmering holographic universe.  Deep in the cavernous halls of the subterranean kingdom of dubstep a new organic life form demonstrates the spiral matrix of consciousness that resides in terrestrial space from crust to core. Alien technologies channel the subterranean synaptic impulses….
Waveshaper - Empty Path
Heres a quote from the official Press Release:
Artist : Waveshaper Title : Empty Path Cat. No. : u000 Release Date : 19.1.14 Format : Digital Download
These precision tools of conscious metamorphic alchemy presented by waveshaper allow the 3 points of focus to align with the sonic structure in the field of hemispheric convergence. When the 3 points of focus are fully attuned then the frequency of the mind transforms into a state of emptiness. Greg Hunter and Hataken entered into a metatronic pyramid in Japan to open an active transmutative connection with the realms of the non-dualisic dimension of ku (emptiness)



The Morchang is the name of the Indian variety of the ancient and beautiful instrument known around the globe as the Mouth Harp.  There are at least 50 different varieties of Mouth harp found worldwide, each with their own tone and timbre but there is a Universal sound of Mouth harp that is distinguishable by its other-worldliness.  Here are some examples of different styles and sounds of Indian Morchang.

Chidanand Ananda

Chidananda is a talented young Morchang player from Bangalore, India.  He started playing 6 years ago and his Morchang Gurus (teachers) are Vidwan G.Guruprasanna a verstile Khanjira(frame drum) Artist and Vidwan Anoor R.Ananthakrishna Sharma, (renowned Mridangam Artist).  Here is a video of his playing and an article he for wrote us about Morchang and his perspectives on the instrument:-

Morching is a South Indian classical music instrument which is world renowned as Jews Harp (Mouth Harp) and called by different names at different places all over the world.

In India its called as Morching,morchang,morsing etc…

Its an ancient and tiny Instrument which is played with read more »