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Slak Magic – Nature Never Lies

Produced by Greg Hunter (Dubsahara), this experimental bass music is perhaps the finest digidub to be found in the Universe of dub and dubstep today. Fusing as it does, the diverse musical realms of folktronica and elements of the audio aesthetic of modular synthesis, it opens a space for neodelic sonic geometry for the post-dubstep sound surfers.  Beyond rules, this music leads the listener on a post-rock, post-techno journey into the psychedelic stoner sound of the underground in London in 2017.

The contemporary artist James Cauty (KLF / K Foundation / JAMM ) created the cover artwork which is an enunciation in the latin sense, from “enuntiationem” meaning declaration. A declaration of definition, opening to the cascades of global beauty that reveal themselves in the ashes of the post-apocalyptic political arena of hate that threatens to engulf nature, space and humanity itself. As the Phoenix majestically rises from the Ashes… so too does the art of our time, serenely independent of the ash and yet, entirely composed of it as in the eternity of creation.
Nature Never Lies… unless she’s Wrecked!



Inverse Gravity Vehicle : Magnetizer

Inverse Gravity Vehicle is a musical project by Deborah L. Knights & Jwa Hinton with vocal samples from Prof. J.R.R. Searl featuring a host of guest musicians including Ed Wynne (Ozric Tentacles) and  Keith & Steffe (Here and Now).  In their extra terrestrial sonic studio in the heart of Glastonbury they channel and co-create some of Avalons’ finest Ambient Auras and Spectral Sonic Soliloquies.

Jwa (aka Joie Hinton) is well known for his keyboard playing in the legendary Ozric Tentacles, Eat Static & Nodens Inctus.  His musical evolutionary styles have often created a sonic synaptic bliss and his resonant frequencies shine through here.  Along with Deborah L. Knights’s cryptic-mystic Vocals and neo-classical compositions their symbiotic sound weaves a fascinating tale of adventure and mystery.  Often equally challenging and engaging, this music is uniquely placed in its aural auric field and fuses the sonic sensibilities of ambient, freaky electro and experiemental music.  The essence of each of the pieces and songs draw the listener into the world of possibilities raised by the controversial New Energy Technologist, John Searl and his Inverse Gravity Vehicle.

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Experimental Sound Project on Dream Creation

Dream Creation

Experimental Sound Project has a new track exclusively available on this edition of Dream Creation Magazine.  Dream Creation has been publishing news and views from the underground music, arts and consciousness network in London since the early 1990’s.  It’s a magazine for  hyperspacial dreamers, dakini dancers and surreal psychedelicists.  Reflecting on the contemporary state of the Global Psychedelic Trance scene and dazzling us with insights and interviews from some of the worlds leading lights in the modern electronic music epoch.

The New Magoo by Jon E.S.P.


Boom Festival 2010

Ashirvad / Noodreem & DJ Darren Sangita at Boom Festival 2010.

Boom Festival 2010 ,the epic multi-disciplinary  psychedelic arts festival in Portugal play host to Sangita Sounds artists.

Ashirvad & Noodreem will be playing live sets in the Ambient Paradise and DJ Darren Sangita will be playing a 4 hour epic set.  This illustrious festival has been going for a decade and is the foremost of its kind.  With 25,000 cosmic spirits in attendace it will surely be an epic collective of high minds and light beings 🙂

The new album from Ashirvad, which will have a full release in September is to have a proper outing at the Boom.  Featuring numerous classical musicians from India, tracks from this spiritually soaked epic electroacoustic album is sure to create transcendental waves for surfing into bliss!   Noodreem will also be sharing his latest sonic excursions and ambient trance vibrations in exquisite sonic style, with his latest tracks being born in the Mystical town of Glastonbury.

DJ Darren Sangita will weave an exotic blend of mystical grooves, illuminating dubs and ethnospheric shimmers in his inimitable style.  Join him to know the pleasures of sharing a sonic journey around the world and landing back just in time for tea!  Expect to reach depths that touch the bottom of the Ocean and Highs that match any Himalayan vista.

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