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Ozora Festival 2014

Ozora 2014 - www.sangitasounds.com

Ozora Festival returns once again, as a Portal to the Immortal for thousands of Psychedelic Travellers to find unity in the tribal reality and conscious community of the magical, the musical and the Mystical.

SPECTRALITE have been invited to play on the chillout stage and they are excited to share mystic music from the divine realms of transcendental bliss and the deep tantric veils of reality that will be lifted in the sonic aghori  tradition. Spectralite is the joint musical project from Greg Hunter (Dubsahara) and Darren Sangita (Ashirvad)

WAVESHAPER have also been invited to share sounds from their debut album, Empty Path.  Hataken and Dubsahara join forces to weave their original blend of electroacoustic magic and massage the time-space matrix of illusory reality until audio truth reveals itself!

SUNS OF ARQA are also scheduled to appear on the Dragons Nest Stage at Ozora.  The line up will feature founder members Wadada & Angel Eye, alongside longtime collaborator Youth (on Bass) and the drummer form African Headcharge as well as Darren Sangita who has been invited to bring some electroacoustic dubs to the performance.

With a line up featuring the best and brightest sonic stars in all the respective fields, this promises to be another magical mystery tour to remember….


Temple of Stars (Omega.v1)

Spectralite unveil “Temple of Stars” (Omega.v1)

This ambient classic has been obscured from view only by the clouds of cosmic dust that prevail afore the arrival of the Photon Belt.  In such a space and time, a certain degree of chaos may reign.  With the blessings of the Universal Resonance we may hear the infinite magic from the Temple of Stars.

Download the Album

This is an Omega.v1 release.  This is raw music, direct from the producers intergalactic studio to you.  Unmastered and still in development, this is a real opportunity to join in with the evolutionary flux and flow of modern music.  If you like what you hear, donate and watch as we aim to develop it even further.

Taking electroacoustic music to a new level of sophistication, this ethereal delight is already something of a connoisseurs classic on the Global ambient electronica scene, having been toured around Europe in previous seasons.  This is the Omega.v1 version of the album which may yet see another incarnation as the hyperspational mapping capabilities of this production team could yet be upgraded once we enter the Photon Belt.  Each piece on this modern hyperspace-age recording tells an epic tale. There are no set-to-repeat digital diamoporhisms here, this is pure geometric isomorphism incontrovertibly elucidating on the nature of existence.