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Magic of Raga

Darren Sangita - Magic of Raga

The Magic of Raga is a series of compilations by Darren Sangita, to illustrate the beauty of Raga in Indian Classical Music.  Compiled exclusively from tracks uploaded to the SOUNDCLOUD site, Darren has assembled a non-stop Ragadelic soundscape richly laiden with sonic gems old and new,  from India and the diaspora:)




Dover Lane Music Conference 2012

Dover Lane Music Conference is the longest running annual Indian Classical Music festival in Kolkata and possibly whole of India.  This year the festival is dedicated to Swami Vivekananda on his 150th Birth Anniversary.  The line-up for the 60th Dover Lane Music Conference in Kolkata has been announced and it is, as always, something special.  It promises another 5 nights offering some of the Best of Indian Classical Vocal, Tabla, Pakhawaj, Sitar, Shenai, Violin, Rudra Veena, Bansuri, Sarod and Harmonium performances from an all-star host of performers.

Each program begins at 8pm and continues through the night.  Its a wonderful experience, to sit with thousands of others, opening ones heart to the subtle and stirring magic of India Classical Music.  As the evening gives way to night and night gives way to early morning, the Ragas mellifluously flow from one into another, often in accordance with the sections of the day.  The festival read more »

Praashekh Borkar – Raag Kafi (Drum n Bass Remix)

Here is is an excellent light hearted yet skillful video and music production from Sarod player Praashekh Borkar, a young talented musician from Pune who along with his younger brother Abhishek features amongst the finest Sarodists of the younger generation in India.  The effortless blend of contemporary drum and bass with his youthful playing style compliment each other perfectly.  Expect to hear a lot more from this talented young player.



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