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Magic of Raga

Darren Sangita - Magic of Raga

The Magic of Raga is a series of compilations by Darren Sangita, to illustrate the beauty of Raga in Indian Classical Music.  Compiled exclusively from tracks uploaded to the SOUNDCLOUD site, Darren has assembled a non-stop Ragadelic soundscape richly laiden with sonic gems old and new,  from India and the diaspora:)




Sangita Sounds Summer Solstice Gathering 2013

Sangita Sounds Summer Solstice Gathering 2013

Join us for a celebration of the turning of the Solar Wheel and we enjoy the longest day with beautiful music from our dedicated team of global spiritual sound specialists concocting ethnodelic soundscapes for your mind and hipnotic hop & dub grooves for your body to elevate the Soul.  Through contemplative reflections and elucidations on the nature of existence we find ourselves fortunate enough to open up a portal of possibility at the sweetest of environs at INSPIRAL LOUNGE, the perfect atmosphere for you to bathe in the luscious sinewaves in geometric harmony.

Join us for a Summer Solstice Celebration


Where : Inspiral Lounge, 250 Camden High Street, London.

When : 8pm – 2am , Friday June 21st 2013

Cost :Free 🙂

The Ethereal Magic of Sarangi

With Special guest from New Delhi, Suhail Yusuf Khan, a an 8th generation Sarangi Musician carring on the rich tradition of read more »

Dhrupad Mela : Video (2012)

With Dhrupad Mela 2013 soon taking place on the occasion of Shivratri in Varanasi, we wanted to make an update to Our Report on Dhrupad Mela 2012  with a selection of clips from which we filmed last season.  Special thanks to Dom for his great cameraworks. Wishing we were going to be there on 9th March..!


To enjoy more excellence from the musicians at Dhrupad Mela, just read more…

read more »

Advaita : Grounded in Space

We approach a new paradigm in Modern Indian music as the seeds of Advaita have taken root and bear fruit.  The journey has magical moments and with the inSight of world class producer, John Leckie, this record reflects the deep sound that these musicians can weave while fusing classic rock elements of guitar, bass and drums with the Indian instrumentation of sarangi and Hindustani classical style vocals.

Its not the concept that is new, but the level of skill in the execution of such notions.  The variety of tracks move through different of integration and for our taste the opening track, “Rasiya” displays something special of true originality and finesse.


Although the album as a whole reveals the difficulties in bringing together the disparate elements of rock / classical / fusion to create a convincing new whole sound, there is a solid musical journey throughout the album.  One or two tracks on the album seem to follow the old models of song creation but we feel Advaita will be better served shifting into the sonic hyper-dimensions of new sound that they have touched on already, particularly with the opening track “Rasiya”.

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