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Sangita Sounds are co-curating a new event in London called Perspectives : a journey through the senses. Exploring art, music and culture.

PERSPECTIVES - A Journey Through the Senses :: London November 16th

Featuring a host of talented poets, painters, authors, musicians, producers and DJs, we aim to bring the creative cosmic family together for an afternoon of ambient connections and an evening of funkadelic sounds with DJ Alex Rokka and journeying through to the trance vibrations with DJ Horus.

Darren Sangita will be playing out a fine selection of Sangita Sounds recordings and DJ Valerie Dakini will be sharing some retro psychedelia and we are blessed to have the astral ambience of Visitation Arena sharing their music through the afternoon.

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A Journey Through the Senses :: Exploring Music, Culture & Art

Join us for an all day indoor mini-festival, Perspectives. Curated by Cosmic Buddies & Sangita Sounds who seek to bring together a host of talented creators who read more »

Sonic Aesthetics

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:: NOODREEM – Leafy  ::

We are interested in the comprehension of the morphological cultural perspectives of sound and music and the vibrational nature of reality as expressed through music, song and dance (“Sangita”).  This is the essence of our focus in our works in the studio space, the live performance space and the indigenous folk spaces of the world.

We believe in the ancient Vedic Yoga of Nada Brahma and involve ourselves in the contemporary search for eternal wisdom and truths through the search for and creation of Sonic Beauty. In connection with the ancient traditions of those who have sung and danced those songs before us, and reaching out to the future vision of humanity as voyagers, through both inner and outer space, we look to the ancient, futuristic song of humanity to understand our place in History.

We are at a unique time in human history, particularly because so many of us have so much access to the knowledge of what our collective journey has been.  This ultimately can only allow true knowledge and understanding to prevail, whereupon we may find ourselves wondering how we ever made it here, considering our collective violent history of wars, dominance, religious and political crusades time and time again.  And if our environmental destruction continues, we stand to lose so much more than the earths precious natural resources.  We will have lost our connection to ourselves. We believe in the healing power of plants and the ability of plants and music to re-connect us to the Creator. We wish for the day when the ancient knowledge of plants is unbound and once again freely used as nature intended.

The essence of our human being is always expressed through our music, and the deepest truths of our being are still being sung of deep in jungles by hunters and shamans, in far off deserts by salt traders and camel herders, in 4000 year old spiritual cities by priests and devotees.  Consciousness is common thread throughout humanity.  Each culture has different words, concepts of consciousness.  So like religions they may at first seem different, but with an expanded consciousness one can see the unity in essence as all are coming from the same source.

We aim to reflect the beauty of all these ancient traditions, and celebrate the new styles of sound design and sophisticated technological music making techniques. We celebrate the fact of the opening of physical, mental and emotional borders, the dissolving of boundaries that is occurring between cultures and people of the earth.  Our vision of the future is one full of Joy, as the sharing and fascination of the interplay between different people and cultures is celebrated and acknowledged.  Like a Kaleidoscopic crystal, our Earth populated by so many different people who are yet essentially, so similar!  We can all experience the bliss of our human unity, we can all share in this unique experience of being alive in this world, our Earth.  The Creator has given us this wonderful home to Love One Another, to know the joy of living, to experience the bliss of this existence, our Human being.

Darren Sangita