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Georgina Brett : Non Sense

We are delighted to share news of the wonderful new double album from Georgina Brett.  Georgina’s music is created using her voice and pedals, creating instant choirs often in an hypnotic style. The point of this music is not only to captivate with extraordinary timing and melodic style but also to help the listener to relax. Her latest album is a double album of vocal works with no lyrics, highlighting the voice as an instrument and as a vehicle for emotional expression.

I have been focusing on vocal sound collages for a while now, and have called it ‘Non Sense’ for many reasons. The word “nonsense”, in terms of language, talks of no verbal sense, no meaning conveyed. Language needs context, structure and grammar in order to function. These albums are “non sense” from a language point of view. However, there is so much more to communication than language, and ‘hear/here’ I attempt to make pure emotional musical matrices which each have a particular flavour.

The album also endeavours to show the power of the voice as an instrument. The songs give the listener a ‘Vocal Bath’. You get the freedom to ‘use’ each individual track as concentration music, or for meditation or as a means to sleep. Think whatever you like, there is no narrative. However…. the development of the notes and chords and rhythm is pretty compelling, so follow in the musical journey and switch off your own words, it’s relaxing.

“Your mind is captured by [this sound healing] sound, there is so much to be busy with, your brain is thirsty for things, if you give food to the mind somehow it is quiet, like if you give a dog a bone. allowing the other dimensions of the mind such as self-awareness finally to have space and ‘let go’. ” Monika Soundgate in reference to Soundgate sound healing.

Non Sense A and B were made in the hope that they can afford a similar space for the listener.. a space of healing. The mind is often described to be like a restless and curious monkey (Taoism), it tries to find complication. Hopefully what you will find with this album, is gentle complication in sound, coupled with beauty and a general sense of reliability.

  Georgina Brett







Winter Solstice Gathering : 2012

Sangita Sounds : Winter Solstice Gathering 2012

WHERE : Inspiral Lounge, 250 Camden High St. London.

WHEN : 21st December 2012.  8pm till 2am.

COST : Free Entry (just bring Love!)

Our dear friends at the ever marvellous London venue, Inspiral Lounge, have invited us to host a magical evening of spiritual sounds and mystic music to celebrate the mystic opening of the Galactic Portal on 21.12.12.

Join us and celebrate the turning of the solar wheel on this auspicious day of global and galactic evolution, as we share a sonic, spiritual journey into a new era.

The Winter Solstice celebrated here in the west coincides with the Persian festival of Yalda & Indian celebration of Makar Sankranti. The Sangita Sounds Solstice Gathering also takes place on 21.12.12, which is said to be read more »

Glade Festival 2012

The UK’s foremost Electronic music festival returns one again in the lush environs of Houghton Hall.  The idyllic greenery of Englands finest will play host to a plethora of stages and sounds that would keep any techno bunny or psychedelic rainbow warrior indulged in his sonic selections of choice for a whole weekend.

Our very own Darren Sangita (aka Noodreem / Ashirvad)  & Jon Sangita (aka E.S.P)  have been invited to share their sounds, playing a mix of read more »

Dover Lane Music Conference 2012

Dover Lane Music Conference is the longest running annual Indian Classical Music festival in Kolkata and possibly whole of India.  This year the festival is dedicated to Swami Vivekananda on his 150th Birth Anniversary.  The line-up for the 60th Dover Lane Music Conference in Kolkata has been announced and it is, as always, something special.  It promises another 5 nights offering some of the Best of Indian Classical Vocal, Tabla, Pakhawaj, Sitar, Shenai, Violin, Rudra Veena, Bansuri, Sarod and Harmonium performances from an all-star host of performers.

Each program begins at 8pm and continues through the night.  Its a wonderful experience, to sit with thousands of others, opening ones heart to the subtle and stirring magic of India Classical Music.  As the evening gives way to night and night gives way to early morning, the Ragas mellifluously flow from one into another, often in accordance with the sections of the day.  The festival read more »