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Padmasana II – Dakini Records

Padmasana have released the follow up to their eponymously titled debut 1999 album, with Padmasana II on Dakini Records with a limited edition of only 500 beautifully presented CD’s.

Padmasana II - Dakini Records-  Full Sleeve

Padmasana was formed in 1997 by Gio (Makyo) and David Hikari and on this 2nd sonic voyage they have produced a deep, spacious dancefloor meditation for conscious souls to move and groove to.  Deep 808 kick drums massage the base chakra and the kundalini massage continues right up to the Sahasrara with sparkling hi hats of pristine purple.  Minimalist in approach and Zen in attitude, this allows for much space to unfold from the Minds Ear.  Its wonderful to enjoy such clarity in shimmerdelic sonospheric style.  Perfect space musik for ambient tranceheads, spiritual seekers and dope hip-hop freaks alike!

Website  www.dakinirecords.com

Buy The Album : CD or MP3 / FLAC  from Bandcamp

Buy the Album  : DISCOGS.COM

The Neodelic sonic aesthetic contained in this sonic vista, is a breath of fresh air in the contemporary electronic landscape.  Amongst the rush and push of musical life, here exists an energising yet spacious frequency which allows for transmogrifying possibilities whilst always maintaining the spiritually enriching and centred, meditational space which is deep in the groove.  A rare gem of a record in the read more »

The Orb 25th Anniversary Tour

We are delighted to share news that Darren Sangita will be supporting The Orb on the 2 Dorset dates of their 25th Anniversary Tour.  The huge, ever growing sonic bubble of bliss that is The Orb are celebrating 25 years of ambient, dub and intergalactic music making.  Its 25 years since their debut release, the Kiss Ep on WAU! Mr. Modo Recordings and they have forged a unique path in contemporary music and surreal soundscapes ever since.


Enjoy a taste of The Orb at in the midst of an epic adventure with a peek inside The Blue Room :

Darren Sangita is honoured to be invited to fly the sonic spaceship on the 2 Dorset dates, being a lifelong admirer of The Orb and being heavily influenced by their sound as a teenager in the 90’s.

Their blend of other worldy sonic textures and sonic samples from all across our beautiful globe, fused with deep dub basslines and atmospheric ambience created the perfect setting for early shamanic voyages of exploration into the nature of consciousness. Their music became the soundtrack to both inner and outer adventures.

Info about the 2 dates that Darren Sangita be supporting The Orb:-

BRIDPORT – The Electric Palace

8th November 2013  – 19.00 – 03.00

Support from





BOURNEMOUTH – The Old fire station

14th November 2013  19.00 – 23.00

Support from






iOS & Music Production in “A Classic Night Out”

Darren Sangita recently worked on major UK commercial project to fuse Western Classical Musical elements with Contemporary Electronic styles and sounds.  It was a fascinating concept that was a pleasure to explore with a major focus being on the use of Touchscreen Technologies in music production and live performance.   Check out the film on the project:-

The brief was literally that, to somehow fuse Western Classical with Electronic Music.  There was one small limitation… it was to be made without Drums or Synths !!

 With literally only 4 days to make it happen, I had to come up with a gameplan that would allow the creative processes to unfold whilst maintaining a firm gaze on the goal.  From the initial brief, I immediately felt the main criteria was to produce a world class musical product that would be the soundtrack for a web based advertising campaign that would hopefully go viral and explode across the Internet!

With this in mind and considering the time factor which was incredibly short, I decided to create an integrated sonic soundscape that would present well both on the night, as a performance in a club venue and also as a (probably home-viewed) musical journey on film.  I knew that in order to create the world class, sophisticated soundtrack that was needed, I would have to rely on a computer based sequencing software at the heart of the project as it may be possible to achieve such sophistication on a tablet but it takes considerably longer to create a production of equal quality!

However I knew that the touchscreen technology would play a vital role in the production process and would in fact, due to its very nature, allow me to speed up certain aspects of the production process by having multitouch capability and the capacity to assign multiple parameters to each control therefore having huge sonic morphing possibilities.  In certain parts of the process, the touchscreen technologies were intrinsic to my being able to complete such preproduction in such an impossibly short amount of time.  Using tablet technology is like having a glimpse into the future and the nature of how this amazing new technology can speed up the creative process is inspiring, because ideas become more fluid.

The nature of the brief was to process sound using tablet technology.  I have been enjoying the magic of processing sound using DSP (digital signal processing)  in music for 20 years and having been a devoted witness to the advancement of technological capability.  The algorhythms that make up the DSP is written by scientists whose work is mechanical yet allows artists to make beauty from them.  This has been a huge passion of mine, using those algorithms to evolve and shift sound through myriad processes.  I can honestly say that the the touchscreen revolution is the latest leap into the collective future of making music but their operational capability is still not at the level of the average laptop (yet!).

If we were to have had an additional few days with the musicians together, we would have new integrative opportunities which would allow for deeper fusion, as the technology demands experimentation which takes time to formularise. Live looping occurs over time and with time to get together in the same room, tablet technology and classical musicians would jam and rehearse together to achieve that synergistic magic of deep musical collaboration.  Its a wonderful concept, classical musicians playing to a score and new technologists jamming with their hyperfuture instruments.  Given the timescale though, I feel we achieved marvellous musical results.
Heres to the future of sound!
– Darren Sangita

There are a number of technical issues that Darren had to take into consideration when working on a project like this, notably the current situation with audio interfaces, i.e. how to get high quality audio in and out of the iPad.  It seems that many users have had positive results using  a combination of : Apple’s Camera Connection Kit (CCK) > USB Cable > Powered USB Hub > Audio interface and Midi contollor.  At the moment any sound card that is Class Compliant will seem to do the job, but remember it must be self powered or able to take power from the USB Hub.
In this case he decided to use Native Instruments KOMPLETE Audio 6 as it worked effortlessly on first trial and also has a kick-ass output that he felt would sound awesome in the club scenario.
All in all , it was a super project to work on with fantastic music from Classical Composer Jamie Salisbury, lovely textures and timbres from the four classical Musicians and a great technical team to create a smooth running world class production environment.

Ozora Festival 2013

Ozora Festival _Sangita web

OZORA Festival returns once again to light up the midsummer horizon with its week long celebration of Psychedelic Music, Art and Culture.  The manifold expressions of this aspect of neo global peace culture reveal themselves in a wide range of musical spaces including Psytrance, Ethnodelic Ambience, Digital Dub, Minimal Techno and Live Performances from artists across the globe which make this a melting pot of a future perfect state.

The incredible line-up of new and established artists across the global psychedelic scene make this a highlight of the annual trance calendar and 40,000 beautiful people will gather to dance and trance through the days and nights, opening up to natural rhythms merging with new musical expressions and allowing the Solar and Lunar rotations to become their guide.



We are delighted to announce the appearance of Darren Sangita & Ashirvad on the Chill Stage. Musicians from India including the eminent Sukhdev Mishra (Violin from Varanasi ) & Rajib Karmarkar (Sitar from Kolkata) as well as Himanish Goswami (Tabla from London) and Mathura Das (Gypsy Guitar).

Ashirvad @ Ozora Festival 2013 - Sangita Sounds

In light of last year’s 10th festival held in Ozora, in light of the mysticism of the year 2012 and the newest one that follows the end of the world, in light of all that has enriched us with an Ozora experience, we still have only one thing in mind. Respecting and nurturing the valued traditions, treasures, for free spirits, paradise on earth, our fairy tale. A playground where we learn to share and care, to express, connect , unify, beautify the world around us, in us. A universe of openness, togetherness, reaching out to cosmic energies, to nature, to wholeness through dance, trance, creation, invention, transformation and peace.

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And finally, the Trance you have all been waiting for… here is a taste of things to come for the thousands of fortunate people who will be co-creating the neo tribal ancient ritual of trance dance at Ozora 2013…