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Wåveshåper – Empty Path

Deep in the Himalayan mountain range, a mystic sadhu opens his third ear and listens to the universal sound of om echoing through the cosmos.  Flowing down the ancient rivers and drifting slowly across the sands of time in a caranvanaseri, finally reaching the oasis as the sunsets.

All night Lila dances into trance as dervish songs resound and desert drums arrive to enchant the  bedouins as an all night trance unfolds in the moonlight as ancient sand creatures emerge from the desert sands, mechanistic,, insectoid filaments of geometric  structures weave patterns of chaos and fractal order out of the fabric of reality.

Hyperdigital frequencies that emerge from the rays of the morning sun, glistening in hyperspace like a shimmering holographic universe.  Deep in the cavernous halls of the subterranean kingdom of dubstep a new organic life form demonstrates the spiral matrix of consciousness that resides in terrestrial space from crust to core. Alien technologies channel the subterranean synaptic impulses….
Waveshaper - Empty Path
Heres a quote from the official Press Release:
Artist : Waveshaper Title : Empty Path Cat. No. : u000 Release Date : 19.1.14 Format : Digital Download
These precision tools of conscious metamorphic alchemy presented by waveshaper allow the 3 points of focus to align with the sonic structure in the field of hemispheric convergence. When the 3 points of focus are fully attuned then the frequency of the mind transforms into a state of emptiness. Greg Hunter and Hataken entered into a metatronic pyramid in Japan to open an active transmutative connection with the realms of the non-dualisic dimension of ku (emptiness)



Birds of Paradise / Bird of Prey

Birds of Paradise - Ascended Masters,

Bird of Prey :: Live in London Tonight ::: Inspiral Lounge, 250 Camden High Street, London, NW1 8QS

Bay area native, Torin Goodnight is a producer of new sonic textures for the experimental connoisseur of electrodelic sounds. Birds of Paradise (with Tyler Gibson) features an open ended, wide sky vibe and the Bird of Prey releases have a tougher and more upbeat direction  Through both his projects he offers a cohesive blend of organic sonic qualities with modern psychedelic bass music. His fusion of these natural and synthetic elements create an engaging bio-digital landscape that leaves little to the imagination. With several years producing trance under his belt, he partook of another sonic path and discovered a new evolution in sound for himself and his projects.

The new sound of the US West coast partakes in the rich modern traditions of dubstep and glitch while evolving in new directions of Bass culture and Harmonic Grooves but its refreshing to hear exciting new sounds with such rich melodic spaces and hyper expansive geometries. The energy of the music is irrepressible yet retains channels of meditative space for attunement and ascension.  Enjoying the live experience is also something to seek out so be sure to catch his live sets at Inspiral Lounge and Elixir of Life in London.

Watch this space for imminent news on his forthcoming debut album, Birds Eye View, a compilation of tracks released on various labels brought together for the first time in one sonic journey.

Bird of Prey - Birds Eye View - Album Cover