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Sonodelic Sunshine

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Sonodelic Sunshine (Volumes 1-3) is a glimpse into the music collection of a Musical Pilgrim, a trip through the realms of Psychedelic Ambient Dub. A sunlit, iridescent flight over the glistening reflections of Divine Love that shimmer on the waves of the Ocean of Existence.

This is part of a 4 Hour DJ mix from Boom Festival 2010, where I decided to play some of the most beautiful echoes of Ambient and World Fusion music from the archives spanning 2 decades filtered thru the lens of psychedelic dubs.  Blessed Be.   Shanti Aum


Cairo Taxi


Desert sonica from the master of phonic pyramid phonology, Dubsahara.  A live mix woven in Ableton Live and advanced DSP techniques richly laden with digital threads that combine in electrospheric intermissions to weave a full magic carpet for the oasis of the mind.

Luxor-8 by dubsahara

Tune into the Luxor 8 Podcast for a trip across cairo via hyderabad.  The mix features a variety of international musicians sent by the latest technology to the sonic space deserts of Mars, Jupiter and Venus, such as the following luminaries :-

oum kalsoum
rayo el 7abib
bahauddin dagar
egyptian folk beladi
cheb khaled
nusrat fateh ali khan – mustt mustt
ethiopian vox + tipper
naa jeney bhool bujhona
persian clouds
divine thread
dubsahara – zentropy
wild marmalade – air (featuring avishai)

If you just can’t live without the mix, then simply register at dubsahara.com and download the mix for your personal listening pleasure.