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Enter the Fuzzy Dimension – Kris Thrash Weston


Ever the rebel, Kris has decided to stick two fingers up to the mainstream crowdfunding platform and in classic punk stylee he is hosting it on his own site.  Loads of great reasons for the change like the one mentioned here, but you can read all about it on his site :

If everyone that has put into the Kickstarter moves their pledge to my own site, with the proceeds that have already come in to Kickstarter (without the 7000 pound fees) I can start work on this NOW. I don’t need everything up front to make this album, so I came to the idea that I could spread the funding over most of the time I’m actually working on the project. This is now turning into a 300+ day Crowd-Funding Project! So, sorry for changing this about like, but this is a better way of doing it, allows me to start quicker and pay less to already rich people. I hope it wont be too much of a pain changing over to my site.

Read more about Kris Weston’s reason for pulling the Kickstarter campaign and the relaunch : https://krisweston.com/index.php/log/

To see the NEW campaign, check his website out :


Enter the Fuzzy Dimension is the name of the KRISSTARTER campaign by Kris Weston aka Thrash.  He was an original member of THE ORB who flew that mystical sonic spaceship along with Alex Paterson through the first few legendary albums, including The Orb’s Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld, Aubrey Mixes: The Ultraworld Excursions,  U.F.Orb and numerous other Orb related remixes.  His sonic contribution to their mystic Melting pot of sound was magical and unique. Having been abducted by sonic surfing aliens for a decade (or something!!) he now invites you to get involved in his new project. So tune into this broadcast by his alien kidnappers and join in with a pledge for new music :)))

Enter The Fuzzy Dimension from Kris Weston on Vimeo.

He is an accomplished Producer, Remixer and Engineer and as evidenced in his numinous releases, he has all the talent required to produce something epic in sonic form.  Go check out his list of remixes on Discogs.com and dig out some of the awesome mixes he has worked on.

Check out this hour long interview with Kris from Resonance FM :

We cannot urge you enough to pledge to the cause.  Making music is actually an exciting procerss folks, the process of its creation cannot be tamed by commerce, so let the ambition of producing art in modern grandeur and aspiration of vision burst forth from our collective consciousness and support Kris in this Noble / Crazy / Inspired quest.  Head over to Kickstarter and check out his campaign, the possibilities are manifold.  His record speaks for itself and the new frontiers of crowdfunding promise to make music exciting again…  Kris Weston - Eyebleeder - Sangita

Explore the depths of an Audio Anarchists Mind  @ www.krisweston.com