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Padmasana II – Dakini Records

Padmasana have released the follow up to their eponymously titled debut 1999 album, with Padmasana II on Dakini Records with a limited edition of only 500 beautifully presented CD’s.

Padmasana II - Dakini Records-  Full Sleeve

Padmasana was formed in 1997 by Gio (Makyo) and David Hikari and on this 2nd sonic voyage they have produced a deep, spacious dancefloor meditation for conscious souls to move and groove to.  Deep 808 kick drums massage the base chakra and the kundalini massage continues right up to the Sahasrara with sparkling hi hats of pristine purple.  Minimalist in approach and Zen in attitude, this allows for much space to unfold from the Minds Ear.  Its wonderful to enjoy such clarity in shimmerdelic sonospheric style.  Perfect space musik for ambient tranceheads, spiritual seekers and dope hip-hop freaks alike!

Website  www.dakinirecords.com

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The Neodelic sonic aesthetic contained in this sonic vista, is a breath of fresh air in the contemporary electronic landscape.  Amongst the rush and push of musical life, here exists an energising yet spacious frequency which allows for transmogrifying possibilities whilst always maintaining the spiritually enriching and centred, meditational space which is deep in the groove.  A rare gem of a record in the read more »

Shpongle : Museum of Consciousness

Shpongle - Museum of Consciousness

 Shpongle arrive with Album 5!!

Museum of Consciousness is sure to have all Psybient and Psychedelic music afficionados in an ecstatic mood with its release on 29th July 2013.  It can be pre-ordered here as digital download, CD and also Vinyl for the old skool music lovers.  Buy it HERE !

As Raja Ram says…

Would you like to have your Amygdala tickled?  Or watch a Jellyfish jump up a mountain?  Perhaps you would rather feel like a brain floating in a fish tank, or watch molecules being juggled..A room with an Epiphany…or maybe an Extra-Celestial Aquatic Garden?..these and other Adventures in Shpongleland, can be found in….. read more »

Inverse Gravity Vehicle : Magnetizer

Inverse Gravity Vehicle is a musical project by Deborah L. Knights & Jwa Hinton with vocal samples from Prof. J.R.R. Searl featuring a host of guest musicians including Ed Wynne (Ozric Tentacles) and  Keith & Steffe (Here and Now).  In their extra terrestrial sonic studio in the heart of Glastonbury they channel and co-create some of Avalons’ finest Ambient Auras and Spectral Sonic Soliloquies.

Jwa (aka Joie Hinton) is well known for his keyboard playing in the legendary Ozric Tentacles, Eat Static & Nodens Inctus.  His musical evolutionary styles have often created a sonic synaptic bliss and his resonant frequencies shine through here.  Along with Deborah L. Knights’s cryptic-mystic Vocals and neo-classical compositions their symbiotic sound weaves a fascinating tale of adventure and mystery.  Often equally challenging and engaging, this music is uniquely placed in its aural auric field and fuses the sonic sensibilities of ambient, freaky electro and experiemental music.  The essence of each of the pieces and songs draw the listener into the world of possibilities raised by the controversial New Energy Technologist, John Searl and his Inverse Gravity Vehicle.

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Master Margherita – The Marginal Rules

Master Margherita has a new album entitled “The Marginal Rules” released on the Italian label, Blue Hour Sounds.

Master Margherita is an electrodelic producer whose music encompasses many dimensions within its spectral realm.  The ever-present groove of his music holds down a space for exploration, always encompassing movement and flow, often in several directions at once!  There are a variety of moods and spaces on the album, from jazzed-up funkatronic breaks to ambient space dreaming journeys.

Listen to the Album

Master Margherita – The Marginal Rules by master margherita

An absolute favourite is the sublime majesty of “Atesh (Hoele Remix)” which shimmers and sways thru sultry streams of incense and herbal smoke into a mystic mellow of subtle bliss and has been constantly  on our playlists. Check out the album and hey, dig deep and buy some tunes!

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Check this youtube mix featuring excerpts of album trax.