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Sonica Festival 2014

www.sonica-festival.eu sangita soundsSonica Festival of contemporary Music, Arts and Culture will once again play host to a world class line up of DJs, Producers and Musicians in the lush setting of the Dukes Forest near Naples, Italy.  The Sangita Sounds cosmic musical family will be in full effect, with Darren Sangita (Ashirvad), Jon Sangita (Sonasha) and Greg Hunter (Dubsahara) all being invited to play on the Gaia Alternative stage in the chillout village.

Heres the official website and some thoughts from the organisers…


The Sonica Festival delivers you a new multicultural experience through music, art and peace. As a tool for increasing a common ecofriendly consciousness, Sonica aims to realize an international creative network crossing all different paradigms including visual art, performance and electronic music, together with their own ethic parallel contents such as wellness, meditation, nutrition, holistic therapies, alchemy, cosmology, quantum physics, environmental sustainability, green technologies and human design.

According to this vision, Sonica would like to represent a new spiritual gateway for the universal shift post 2012; a behavioral pattern’s upgrade for applying new ideas and new models of interaction able to overcome the social collapse reached by the information technology era. To achieve this goal Sonica would like to become a junction point for different realities, where the collective participation leads to peaceful comparisons in order to share both transcultural values and the general interests growing behind productions, creations, exhibitions and every kind of artistic expression.

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Boom Festival 2012

Sangita Sounds artists invited to appear at Boom Festival 2012.

We are delighted to have been invited to share the music of Sangita Sounds at Boom 2012.  Ashirvad have been invited to play on the Ambient Source stage and Noodreem will be playing on the Sacred Fire stage.  Both spaces are world class performance arenas with the detail of the decoration and production being second to none.

Ashirvad live debut at Boom 2012 : World Premiere

It will be the first time Ashirvad have played live and we are very excited at the possibility of having  our Indian musician freinds join us onstage.  Darren Sangita has been preparing a subtle sonic vista of electroacoustic ambience that will provide the perfect, Raga-esqe digital datastream for our world class Classical musicians to… read more »

Ashirvad is Released – Blessings are upon us!

It is our pleasure to announce the release of the eponymously titled debut album from ASHIRVAD (meaning “Blessings”), on Sangita Sounds.  Featuring 8 tracks of Ambient Raga, Indian Fusion, Ethnodelic dubs and Meditation trance that have been specially designed for a superior chillout experience.  The album is the fruit of their 6 month recording tour and a years production work back in Sangita Studio HQ in London.  With pre-release copies having been tested by Yogis, Masseurs, Psychedelic Dreamers, Wizards, World Class Audiophiles and Cosmic Dudes across the globe. we can say with certainty that this has well and truly passed the Acid Test.

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Ashirvad – Magic Carpet (Excerpt)

“Ashirvad” is manifest

After a six-month recording tour in India followed by a year production in London and a move to Glastonbury (Avalon), the production Duo of Mathura Das and Darren Sangita, aka Ashirvad have delivered a stunning album that exhibits an extra-ordinary sense of aesthetics both in their art and music.

Featuring a host of talented classical, devotional and folk musicians from India and around the Globe, Ashirvad is a new paradigm in the future of spiritual sounds.

Ashirvad have created an exotic fusion soundscape blending ambient Indian Ragas, subtle electronica and spiritual moods to guide you on a mystical journey to the transcendental realms. Ashirvad is a kaleidoscopic musical pilgrimage across the sacred heartlands of India.  Ashirvad give thanks to all their family, friends and fans for all their support.

Click through to read some of the reviews of Ashirvad :-

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Boom Festival 2010

Ashirvad / Noodreem & DJ Darren Sangita at Boom Festival 2010.

Boom Festival 2010 ,the epic multi-disciplinary  psychedelic arts festival in Portugal play host to Sangita Sounds artists.

Ashirvad & Noodreem will be playing live sets in the Ambient Paradise and DJ Darren Sangita will be playing a 4 hour epic set.  This illustrious festival has been going for a decade and is the foremost of its kind.  With 25,000 cosmic spirits in attendace it will surely be an epic collective of high minds and light beings 🙂

The new album from Ashirvad, which will have a full release in September is to have a proper outing at the Boom.  Featuring numerous classical musicians from India, tracks from this spiritually soaked epic electroacoustic album is sure to create transcendental waves for surfing into bliss!   Noodreem will also be sharing his latest sonic excursions and ambient trance vibrations in exquisite sonic style, with his latest tracks being born in the Mystical town of Glastonbury.

DJ Darren Sangita will weave an exotic blend of mystical grooves, illuminating dubs and ethnospheric shimmers in his inimitable style.  Join him to know the pleasures of sharing a sonic journey around the world and landing back just in time for tea!  Expect to reach depths that touch the bottom of the Ocean and Highs that match any Himalayan vista.

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