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Sangita Sounds are co-curating a new event in London called Perspectives : a journey through the senses. Exploring art, music and culture.

PERSPECTIVES - A Journey Through the Senses :: London November 16th

Featuring a host of talented poets, painters, authors, musicians, producers and DJs, we aim to bring the creative cosmic family together for an afternoon of ambient connections and an evening of funkadelic sounds with DJ Alex Rokka and journeying through to the trance vibrations with DJ Horus.

Darren Sangita will be playing out a fine selection of Sangita Sounds recordings and DJ Valerie Dakini will be sharing some retro psychedelia and we are blessed to have the astral ambience of Visitation Arena sharing their music through the afternoon.

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A Journey Through the Senses :: Exploring Music, Culture & Art

Join us for an all day indoor mini-festival, Perspectives. Curated by Cosmic Buddies & Sangita Sounds who seek to bring together a host of talented creators who read more »

Sonica Festival 2014

www.sonica-festival.eu sangita soundsSonica Festival of contemporary Music, Arts and Culture will once again play host to a world class line up of DJs, Producers and Musicians in the lush setting of the Dukes Forest near Naples, Italy.  The Sangita Sounds cosmic musical family will be in full effect, with Darren Sangita (Ashirvad), Jon Sangita (Sonasha) and Greg Hunter (Dubsahara) all being invited to play on the Gaia Alternative stage in the chillout village.

Heres the official website and some thoughts from the organisers…


The Sonica Festival delivers you a new multicultural experience through music, art and peace. As a tool for increasing a common ecofriendly consciousness, Sonica aims to realize an international creative network crossing all different paradigms including visual art, performance and electronic music, together with their own ethic parallel contents such as wellness, meditation, nutrition, holistic therapies, alchemy, cosmology, quantum physics, environmental sustainability, green technologies and human design.

According to this vision, Sonica would like to represent a new spiritual gateway for the universal shift post 2012; a behavioral pattern’s upgrade for applying new ideas and new models of interaction able to overcome the social collapse reached by the information technology era. To achieve this goal Sonica would like to become a junction point for different realities, where the collective participation leads to peaceful comparisons in order to share both transcultural values and the general interests growing behind productions, creations, exhibitions and every kind of artistic expression.

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In providing a new platform for Arabic Music, eka3 are sharing great music.  They are opening up genres and styles including a diverse selection on their roster such as Classical, Fusion, Rock, Hip Hop and Experimental Electronica.  We compiled a selection of cool tunes from their Soundcloud.


Who are Eka3?

eka3 is a pan-Arab organization strategically dedicated to creating, promoting and growing this new emerging wave by pointing it out to the world, and filling in the missing links between this scene & the Arab public.

eka3 is an initiative created by a team of artists: from musicians, photographers, visual artists to film directors.. Innovators who dream of seeing their own works achieve their full potential of reach and exposure, and upon this vision eka3 shares the dreams of musicians throughout the region.

Eka3 are the neo-generative front end of Arabic media.  We are excited to hear about eka3 and the good works they are doing in promoting New Arabic Art and Culture.  By allowing new streams of creative flow through the global media networks, we all share in the cultural diversity and the process of Global Harmony that comes with it.

Eka3 Social Media

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Zia Mohiudin Dagar

There is an  incredible, vast ocean that is revealed in the depths of sound that are present in the Rudra Veena when played in the hands of a master such as Zia Mohiuddin Dagar.

Zia Mohiuddin Dagar (14 March 1929 – 28 September 1990), popularly known as Z. M. Dagar, was a North Indian (Hindustani) classical musician, one of the 19th generation of Dagar family dhrupad musicians. He was largely responsible for the revival of the rudra vina as a solo concert instrument.

This remarkable video demonstrates the illustrious depth of such a noble instrument both in terms of the emotional consonance and also the sonic integrity of the music and the quality of the recording, allows the bass tones to come rolling through and touching, literally the innermost parts of our human selves.




Sangeet Kendra

Article – on Dhrupad in the Dagar tradition


Excerpt from a fascinating article at www.dhrupad.info

The Concepts of Swara and Raga in Dhrupad

Dhrupad singing requires the practise of nada yoga, which is a form of laya yoga. The sadhana of nada yoga produces a resonant voice that comes from deep within, and seems to permeate the very being of the singer. The voice is different from the throaty voice that is ideal for khayal and thumri singing. It is a voice that is very rich in overtones. The author of this article can say from his personal experience of training under various Ustads of the Dagar tradition, that this sadhana involves shifting the source of sound gradually to the base of the throat (kanth mool), and further down to the heart (hriday), and the navel (nabhi) till a stage is reached when the entire region from navel to head (murdhanya) vibrates as one. There is a shloka in the Sangit-ratnakar of Sarangdev, which describes the method of producing nada. In the voice of a Dhrupad singer who has achieved siddhi in nada yoga, the intonation of a sa produces very prominent overtones of pa and ga. A similar prominence of overtones is seen in the rudra veena and the sursingar, which are regarded as read more »