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Sangita Sounds are co-curating a new event in London called Perspectives : a journey through the senses. Exploring art, music and culture.

PERSPECTIVES - A Journey Through the Senses :: London November 16th

Featuring a host of talented poets, painters, authors, musicians, producers and DJs, we aim to bring the creative cosmic family together for an afternoon of ambient connections and an evening of funkadelic sounds with DJ Alex Rokka and journeying through to the trance vibrations with DJ Horus.

Darren Sangita will be playing out a fine selection of Sangita Sounds recordings and DJ Valerie Dakini will be sharing some retro psychedelia and we are blessed to have the astral ambience of Visitation Arena sharing their music through the afternoon.

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A Journey Through the Senses :: Exploring Music, Culture & Art

Join us for an all day indoor mini-festival, Perspectives. Curated by Cosmic Buddies & Sangita Sounds who seek to bring together a host of talented creators who read more »

Kapil Sharma @ Studiofunc

Kapil Sharma hails from a lineage of Rajasthani miniature artists where he is the 6th generation artist.  He follows in the tradition but has a unique twist that sets him apart from his peers. His ability to blend traditional art styles with modern technology and production techniques allows him to create unique pieces and set his work in original spaces.

In the form of utilising the latest in technological developments, he takes the traditional art of his lineage into new realms.

He is a multidisciplinary artist and designer and is experienced in a multitude of creative aspects including the following:- Branding / Print & Publication design / Illustrations / Typography / Film Publicity / Film Title Sequence / Motion Graphics /  Show packaging /  Channel packaging /  Installation art / Graffiti / Fine art photography / time lapse photography / Stop motion animation /

Having had the pleaseure to spend time with him and gain insights into his work we are delighted to share news of his new website :-


Musical Meetings in Muscat

Ishaq Al Harthi & Farid Osman

Ishaq Al Harthi & Farid Osman- AL MOHTAJES from Soundcloud: darrensangita

Sangita Sounds were recently fortunate enough to be invited to the Sultanate of Oman to sample local music and arts and meet local folk and classical musicians from the region.  During the visit, the Sultanate of Oman was going through some of the biggest celebrations the nation had ever seen as it was the 40th National day of  Sultan Qaboos’ reign.

From the world renowned Royal Omani Symphony Orchestra (ROSO) to the National Bands that preside over the major music scenes to the local folk and tribal musicians we were fortunate enough to meet, the musical landscape in Oman is rich and varied.

It was a blessing to meet the local musicians and hear something of their music directly.  It has long been a dream to spend time connecting with Arabic / Middle Eastern / Gulf musicians.  Although the local folk & traditional music scene is not so well developed in the commercial realm, it seems strong in the  more traditional line of family functions and weddings.

With our connections we were able to meet the rather splendid team of local musicians of Muscat, Ishaq al Harthi and Farid Osman playing Oud and Darbouka.  Meeting them was such a pleasure and they were kind enough to share several local tunes with us as well as some other Arabic tunes.  Several neighbours came around to see what was going on and it became a proper Sangita Session!  An track from the session can be heard here with more tracks coming online soon.

Bait Muzna

The Bait Muzna Gallery in Muscat is one of the select Galleries displaying Arabic art, both contemporary and more traditional fine art.  A superb space, an original old style townhouse with masses of natural light flooding in.  The Gallery recently celebrated 10 years of breaking new artists and promoting Arabic art and I can see why it is so successful.  Dynamic art and photography resonate in excellent quality.  The Galleries owner, Susan Al Said, was kind enough to share fascinating insights on the Arabic art scene.  The current exhibition was centered around the photography of Sayyid Tarik bin Shabib Al Said entitled “The Journey”.  An incredible collection of stunning large format prints from his travels around the world.

A local initiative to paint a whole herd of Plastercast Oryx’s (An Arabian type of Deer) was in preparation with artists from all over the region being invited to paint one.  I popped into a local fine arts centre to see some of the work coming on.  A sheer riot of colour and energy was exuding form the artists works, reflecting the dynamic energy of the the Middle East.  It was great to witness some of the character of the local arts scene.

We look forward to deepening our connection with Oman, hoping to meet more local, folk and traditional musicians and artists in future.

With thanks to Bait Muzna Gallery for their gracious support in our musical endeavours.

Electric Sheep

Electric Sheep is an online, collaberative abstract artwork which turns your computer into a node on a global supercomputing network.  Founded by digital artist and programmer, Scott Draves, this screen saver can be downloaded freely and run on any PC or MAC.  While your androids are asleep these digital dreams are created by the computers downloading algorhythms and decoding and rendering them into these illustrious images.  Once blended together on a central server they are then made available for our viewing pleasure.  Whatever the technicalities, these images are sure to delight and enthrall.  Hi tech and incredibly beautiful!!

Head over to Sheep-Central and gather your first flock!

Electric Sheep Download Page.