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World Music Extravaganza

Darren Sangita is delighted to be invited to DJ at this incredible event in Camden on Saturday 3rd May, 2014. Featuring a pan global line up of international musicians to resonate the planetary vibrations of love. Join us for read more »

Ali & Toumani

The magical Music of Mali can claim no finer proponents of that incredible sound than these two Maestros, Ali Farke Toure & Toumani Diabate.  Playing Guitar and traditional Kora, their mingling vibrations have long delighted listeners since their first collaboration, “In the Heart of the Moon” back in 2005.  Now we have another beauty to enjoy in the form of this new release on the ever joyous World Circuit Records, simply titled “Ali & Toumani”.

Anyone who loves the beauty of music and the simplicity of melody and harmony should hear this.

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Greg Hunter & Kalahari Surfers – Turntabla

Wonderful news.  This collection of tracks from a decade ago will finally see the light of day.  Some of these tracks have been heard on the ambient scene, unrelesed classics that have certainly been a part of the my DJ sets for the past years.  This lost classic album will feature new, remixes and original tracks from ’98/’99.

Here is a word from Warrick Sony of the Kalahari Surfers.

All sounds were originated by our performances and those of the special sessions which we hosted at the studio. Brendan had left Cape Town and the project by the time of Greg’s second and third visits which saw the pieces morphing into huge sound epics with sampled and performed merging together processed and squeezed into the ether. Strings and things were developed and added at Milestone. Speakers were blown. Greg left with a box of mixes and we resolved to do a track each separately and release it all as a band called PLINC the album Turntabla. Greg was never entirely happy with many of the tracks and the distance and interest made the project difficult to complete for him, other things croppedup and life overtook us all. Robert approached me towards the end of 2007 and asked if I would revisit it as a Kalahari Surfer and finish it off, which I did.

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1. Kunene Jazz Drive
2. Gita
3. Wading Through The Sea
4. Epupa Falls
5. What Is She Saying To Me
6. Dawn
7. Garuda Express
8. Another Goat
9. Lisa Upanishad


Oumou Sangare is a sonic mystic singing the songs of eternity.  As Mali’s most prominent female vocalist, her beautiful selection to releases to date are all mesmerising insights into the magical music of Mali and the rich cultural traditions of her ancestors. This is a rare oppotunity to enjoy her music at a free appearance at the new Rough Trade East store

DATE : Friday 24th April, 1.30pm
LOCATION : Rough Trade East In-store


Oumou is an artist who is proud of her country and its diverse cultures, now recognised and appreciated throughout the world. “Mali is a country of oral tradition, which explains why music and society here are part of each other. The 32 different ethnic groups here each have their own well-developed culture. They don’t need each other to make good music, even though cross-fertilisation is always good. There should still be a lot more recognition for Malian music. I deeply respect each individual artist in Mali. Our potential is incredible. Mali and its music embody the symbol of a free and victorious Africa.”


World Circuit (Label)