Rainbow Retrospective

Rainbow-Retrospectives---noodreem (mo-satu)

Tone poems for the discerning listener, these psychedelic retrospectives will allow for subtle sonic healing meditations that share resonance with the acoustic harmonic of the free thinking universal mind. In honour of the spiritual life force and all the emanating manifestations of light, this sonic rainbow of electroacoustic geometries is offered with love. Share in the inescapable joy of the dance of bliss and meander through the groves and greenery of a transcendental garden of music, hand picked for your delight. Peace. Aum Shanti

Tracklist ::

  • Tetraktys (feat. Debashish Haldar – Serangi)
  • September Sound (feat. Mathura Das – Guitar & Alex Goodwill – Didgeridoo)
  • Chandra Dub (feat. Sukhdev Mishra – Violin, Umran Ali – Guitar)
  • Morphololgy (feat. Manickavel -Vocal)
  • Sangita Soundsystem (feat. Ranajit Sengupta – Vocal)