One Love

Released in 2005, this Noodreem limited edition release became an ambient psychedelic classic.  Spanning the Genres of Ambient Trance, Electro Meditation, Digital Dub and Acoustic Fusion with the final recording of Ranajit Sengupta playing a short, masterful 20 minute North Indian Classical piece, ‘Kafi’.  Bringing together new mixes of previous releases and other productions including ‘Journey to the East’ with Alonza Bevan (Kula Shaker) and the first fusion collaberations with esteemed Sukhdev Mishra from the Benares gharana on ‘Leafy’ this musical journey is an eclectic and cosmic flight into the spiritual worlds.

This classic is now available to as MP3 & FLAC download.

  • Krystal Eyes (Intro)
  • Cosmic Jam
  • City Of Lights
  • Open The Doors To Your Heart
  • Phoenix Dub (Solstice Remix)
  • Journey To The East
  • Leafy (feat. Sukhdev Mishra)
  • Ranajit Sengupta & Shiv Shankar Roy –  Kafi

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