There is Magic 🙂

The advanced nature of this musics metaphysical status has meant that we have waited for the epoch making evolutionary sonic geometry to manifest, now we are blessed with it’s presence.  The swell of sound shared here will envelop, engage and energise the listener.

The master craftsman of Sonic arts, Greg Hunter, has released a mythical long player of granular tryptamine sonically inverse filtered journeys through the worlds of Dub, classical Hindustani, Electronica and Persian instrumental musics. The fruits of his labour are finally shared in this peace missive for the countdown to 2012 (only 2 years to go!!!). At times challenging and often deeply mystifying, this album offers rich and sonically engaging worlds to explore and revel in as the boundaries of sound are pushed to the Edge and back again.

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Download ::  METASURFING (125Mb)