Dimensional Dub by Jon E.S.P.

Experimental Sound Project (ESP) is Jon B who has a long involvement in the development of the psychedelic scene in London.  The Psubliminal Psychedelia crew hosted mindblowing Goa Trance parties in the legendary Tysson St Studios back in the mid 90’s and since 2000 his work with Sangita Sounds as A&R, DJ and producer he is always searching for that extra special psychedelic something in the mix.

Through his deep works since the millenium, with traditional South American shamanic medicines, cultures and musical traditions, he has taken his sonic journey into new and magical realms.  His deepening undertanding of the subtle sound waves in each composition are self evident in their psychedelic spectral hues of colour, texture and timbre.

And so with ESP, his latest music production project, he is reaching out to a new paradigm of dreamworld dub and shamanic ambience, opening up new vistas of sonic wonkiness and unfurling fascinating tendrils of plantlike mystic music into an entheo expedition full of of mellow ecstatic electronica and blissful beats.  With many live and DJ dates under his belt both here in UK and in Brazil, we can look forward to more live sets and his album “Divine Days” which is due for release early in 2011 on Sangita Sounds.

Chacruna Dub (Mama Aya’s Mix) by Jon E.S.P.