With our love of recorded music, the worlds of dub, devotional, electronica, future funk, psychedelic, ambient & trance, all fuse together in an ethereal harmonic whole. Our diverse range of associated artists share a unique vision of the sonic world. Follow through the links to the artists pages and enjoy their magic music.

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Bathed in organic bliss, this post millenial soundtrack to the ages is organically created to release yantric waves of peace throughout the listener resulting in transcendental euphoria.  Especially good when taken in repeated doses.



The Noodreem sound is a contemporary spiritual meditation on the Peace of Universal Love. As a mystical expression of the divine light manifest in musical spaces, forms, genres and geometries of musical harmony, these compositions are an exploration in the infinite beauty of our harmonic resonant existance.


Dubsahara is the digital desert soundscape from the subsonic-sahara. Often found amidst the caravan of collective consciousness, metamorposing in mystic cloudshapes.




The ocean of creation metasynthesised into the hyperreal aesthetica that we share and breathe. Surfing the light of crystalline consciousness and dancing in molecular recreation. Exploring the dimensions of metaprogramming and superconsiousness. Rationalising the unrationalisable.  A collaberative work between Greg Hunter and Darren Sangita.  Oftimes lost. never forgotton.


Spectralite – “Temple of Stars” album


  • Experimental Sound Project is UK Based Producer and DJ Jon Barron.  His psychedelic dub sound is full of good vibes and inspired by his love of Shamanism and his journeys through the multiple dimensions of possibility.  His debut album ‘Extra Sensory Protection’ will be released on Sangita Sounds.

Jon E.S.P on Soundcloud

Bindoo Babas

Bindoo Babas is a collective headed by Prana and Mathura, who have been friends since 1978 when they met in Amsterdam and lived in a spiritual community following the ancient Bhakti Yogi traditions of india.

Bindoo Babas – “Garden of Love” album

Bindoo Babas on Facebook


Haladhar is a deep searcher with a passion for beauty across all realms. A follower of yoga and indian mystiscim, her music is a spiritual and emotional expression. ” floaty, relaxing, uplifting soft & sweepy jazzy chords with a gorgous groovy undertone, lush and funky, dreamlike music from the soul…”