Sukhdev Mishra

Sukhdev Mishra is a renowned violin player from the city of Varanasi. Raised in the purest tradition of Banares Gharana (Varanasi style) in a very old musical family, Sukhdev learned music through the guidance of his father the late Pandit Narayan Das Mishra, a very famous sarangi player of Varanasi. He played on stage since the age of 6. He is the disciple Sangeet Prabhakar, teacher at the Banares Hindu University, who taught him singing too. Sukhdev Mishra had many rewards, recorded for the main radio stations of India. He played concerts in London, Berlin, Wien, Brussels, and in France in Toulouse and Cahors.

Featured tracks on Sangita Sounds

Sukhdev has featured on a number of our works, including:-

  • Vocal  on “Cicada Wave” by Noodreem (Released on Arcana – Interchill) 2004
  • Vocal  on “Leafy” by Noodreem (One Love – Sangita Sounds) 2004
  • Violin on Chandra Dub by Noodreem (Rainbow Retrospective – Sangita Sounds) 2009
  • Vocal, Violin & Tabla on Garudas Dream by Ashirvad (Ashirvad – Sangita Sounds) 2010
  • Vocal on The Vision by Ashirvad (Ashirvad – Sangita Sounds) 2010


Sukhdev was one of the first collaborators on the magnificent Ashirvad project.  His input was essential to the marvellous blend of musical traditions that we worked with.  We are delighted to share his incredible musicality and devotional spirit with you in Ashirvad.