Shyan Kishore

Shyan has been studying and performing North Indian Classical music on the Bansuri flute for more than ten years. He has been a student of the renowned Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia for most of this time. He has performed all around the world with some of today’s most distinguished performers of music and dance, both within and outside the realms of the Indian classical genre. He has performed at numerous, reputable concert venues, international festivals and programs related to cultural, religious and spiritual promotion. But having said all that, “it ain’t what you’ve done that counts, but if you’ve loved it!”

It’s been a pleasure working with Darren Sangita and the other musicians involved in the awesome recording¬† of the forthcoming album “Ashirvad“. I play ‘Ashirvad’ when I teach Yoga in the evenings. I’ve been waiting years for an album to manifest which complements my intention as a Yoga teacher as this does. This being to bathe my students in beautiful vibrations of warmth, radiant light and charge them with cosmic power.

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