We are conencted with a wide variety of musicians and artist across the globe. With a love and passion for classical, indigenous, folk and devotional music of traditional and contemporary styles, we enjoy our association with all the musicians from a wide variety of cultures.

For info or bookings please contact:- info @ sangitasounds . com

We are fortunate enough to have worked with all the following artists, either hosting them in one of our magical Sangita Sounds events, or capturing their sonic magic in the Sangita Studios.

Sukhdev Mishra – Hindustani Classical – India
Tinoush Bahrami– Iranian Classical – UK/Iran
Ranajit Sengupta – Hindustani Classical – India
Shirin Sengupta – Hindustani Classical – India
Sandip Ghosh – Hindustani Classical – India
Ajit Pandey – Hindustani Classical – India
Vivay Jagtap – Hindustani Classical – India
Haradhan Das Baul – Traditional Baul – West Bengal
Manoj Dubey – Thumri – India
Abdel Harir & Harir Band – Andalucian Music – Morocco
Kike Pederson & Kadialy Kayoute – Classical fusion- Paraguay & Senegal
Shiv Shankar Roy – Hindustani Classical – India
Rainbow Warriors – Aboriginal Music – Australia
Boujemaa – Gnawa Music – Morocco
Djomo – Ghanaian Traditional – Ghana
Adotey – Ghanaian Pop/Folk – Ghana

Sukhdev Mishra – Khamaj by darrensangita