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Review : Psyfunk EP by The Egg & Greg Hunter

The Egg & Greg Hunter - Psyfunk - web Sangita Sounds

The inimitable Greg Hunter (aka Dubsahara / Mutantra) has filtered the much loved musical magic of UK festival favourites, The Egg, through his prismatic audio spectrum of consciousness. Thus allowing their mellifluous melodies to scatter in rainbows upon the sultry, psysexy beat that relentlessly urges the listener to throw their arms into the air and dance like a bellydancer rejoicing at the Oasis at midnight. Check out the sample tracks below and let your mind and body absorb the mystical journey into this original blend of psychedelic, dub, rock and electronica.  Psyfunk has been a firm favourite in Darren Sangita’s DJ sets over the past few years and its a blessing to share this release as it finally sees the light of day.

The Egg and Greg Hunter co produced and co written EP of Psyfunk and other versions.. chilled and beautiful.. also known as the ‘Galactic Warriors of Infinite Bliss’ . Free bonus video included of Psyfunk live in Banbury, UK. `Greg Hunter known for producing with the Orb, `Crowded House, Killing Joke, Paul Mcartney, Dubsaraha. The Egg known for festival gigs across the world, Venice Beach, (Big Chill), Walking Away (Tocadisco. David Guetta)




In providing a new platform for Arabic Music, eka3 are sharing great music.  They are opening up genres and styles including a diverse selection on their roster such as Classical, Fusion, Rock, Hip Hop and Experimental Electronica.  We compiled a selection of cool tunes from their Soundcloud.


Who are Eka3?

eka3 is a pan-Arab organization strategically dedicated to creating, promoting and growing this new emerging wave by pointing it out to the world, and filling in the missing links between this scene & the Arab public.

eka3 is an initiative created by a team of artists: from musicians, photographers, visual artists to film directors.. Innovators who dream of seeing their own works achieve their full potential of reach and exposure, and upon this vision eka3 shares the dreams of musicians throughout the region.

Eka3 are the neo-generative front end of Arabic media.  We are excited to hear about eka3 and the good works they are doing in promoting New Arabic Art and Culture.  By allowing new streams of creative flow through the global media networks, we all share in the cultural diversity and the process of Global Harmony that comes with it.

Eka3 Social Media

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Spring Equinoxe 2013 : Podcast Sessions

Enjoy the passing of time and celebrate the turning of the Solar Wheel with a Podcast session from Sangita Sounds & friends.


compiled by Sangita Sounds


CLOUDCYCLE – Ambient Resistance Mix

compiled by Sangita Sounds


ESP – Dimensional Dubs

compiled by Sangita Sounds



compiled by Darren Sangita



compiled by Darren Sangita


compiled by Sangita Sounds

Experimental Sound Project on Dream Creation

Dream Creation

Experimental Sound Project has a new track exclusively available on this edition of Dream Creation Magazine.  Dream Creation has been publishing news and views from the underground music, arts and consciousness network in London since the early 1990’s.  It’s a magazine for  hyperspacial dreamers, dakini dancers and surreal psychedelicists.  Reflecting on the contemporary state of the Global Psychedelic Trance scene and dazzling us with insights and interviews from some of the worlds leading lights in the modern electronic music epoch.

The New Magoo by Jon E.S.P.