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Electric Sheep

Electric Sheep is an online, collaberative abstract artwork which turns your computer into a node on a global supercomputing network.  Founded by digital artist and programmer, Scott Draves, this screen saver can be downloaded freely and run on any PC or MAC.  While your androids are asleep these digital dreams are created by the computers downloading algorhythms and decoding and rendering them into these illustrious images.  Once blended together on a central server they are then made available for our viewing pleasure.  Whatever the technicalities, these images are sure to delight and enthrall.  Hi tech and incredibly beautiful!!

Head over to Sheep-Central and gather your first flock!

Electric Sheep Download Page.

Ashirvad – Promo Video

We have been busy at Sangita Studios brewing up an alchemical visual mix in the Ashirvad Video (or Ashirvideo as I like to call it). Enjoy it in the mode of deep sensual stimulation.  This is the “tryptamine surfer mix”, a psychedelic celebration of colour and sound.

‘ASHIRVAD’ –  is a musical pilgrimage & kaleidoscopic celebration of Divine & Earthly blessings – An adventure from Glastonbury to India, reflecting the universal spiritual journey of the soul.

Through the power and mystery of sound and music, we invoke a musical offering to the Gods.

The creative process was initiated around the time of the Millenium with a cosmic calling to share the majestic magic of music – That is transcendental in tone, tryptamine in timbre, revelatory in rhythm and mellifluous in mood.

‘ASHIRVAD’ contains droplets of sparkling sonic nectar, that dance blissfully in the ecstatic ocean of Shabdha Brahman (Spiritual Sound Vibrations).

With the Grace of the Gods we share the fruits of our humble creations with the residents of this, our Earth Nation.

Peace and Blessings. Mathura das & Darren Sangita @ Sangita Sounds

Please view the video with the HD button option.